Why smartScripts?

Let me give you the smart answer!

Life can be complicated enough, with smartScripts we make it easy where you can eliminate the travel time, wait time and cost of getting what you want when you want.

Same doctors, same medication, same pharmacy but not the same price.

smartScripts is a smart alternative, we make healthcare easy and affordable.


How much is a smartScript?

All smart questionnaire treatments cost €20, if for some reason our doctors are unable to approve your treatment you will get a full refund.

How smartScripts work?

No more waiting for GP appointments. We offer the same professional service by bringing the same doctors to you

  • Step 1: Search for your Treatment
    Select a treatment that would address your condition.
  • Step 2: Start your Consultation
    Complete  the online questionnaire for your chosen treatment; the questionnaire will be reviewed by an IMC  registered doctor.
  • Step 3: Your Order, Collection
    Once approved, your  prescription will be ready to collect from your chosen pharmacy.

Will my primary GP know if I use smartScripts?

During the ordering process you will be given the option to share your GP’s information with us. If you choose to do this we can forward a summary of your treatment onto your own GP.  We recommend all patient to keep their GP informed of any changes to the medication they are taking. We will never contact your GP without your consent or share your details with anyone.

Are my Payments secure?

Absolutely! All transactions/payments are processed using industry-standard protection. Our payments and transactions are handled with Stripe, Inc.

Have other questions?

Get in touch with our Smart Squad from anywhere – quick, confidential, and always on your terms, info@smartscripts.today